Saturday, January 23, 2010

Top 3 Resons Why X-Men:Origins SUCKS ASS!!!

Last summer, 20th Century Fox released a terrible, terrible movie, that was not only offensive to movie fans, but also to comic fans as well. This abomination of God, this defication on all things awsome, this, this, PIECE OF SHIT is truly, truly is, one of the worst, if the not THE WORST movie(s) ever made. Through gathering information from one of the best sources of comic book and movie information that in the world, my friend Rusty, I've compiled a list of the Top 3 Resaons why X-Men Origins: Wolverine SUCKS ASS!!! Now I know that there are way, way, WAY more that 3 flaws in this film, in fact, I could proably create an entire blog dedicated to the amount of feces Fox has concentrated into this "film", but these are just the three that got me the worst. In no particular order, let's begin.

Reason #1: Deadpool: and really all the characters in general, but Deadpool the most. I remember coming to school the day after I saw it and began describing it him at at lunch, and as soon as I reached Deadpool, he stopped me and started to tell me about how many ways Fox got this character wrong. Gone was the clever destruction of the fourth wall by our beloved "Merc with a Mouth", which was replaced with severly lack-luster Hollywood dialouge by a mockery of a great character.

I'ld like to change tactics now with my analasis of this movie and play someaht of a gmae with you readers. I've included two links to two pictures below this paragraph. One is the Deadpool form the comics and the other is the Deadpool from the movies, and I'ld like you guys to tell me, which one looks more impressive:


No contest.

Reason #2: McGuffins: Now some you who are reading this post are thinkg to yourselves "What's a McGuffin, it sounds like some kind of rejecting McDonald's breakfast concept?" Well, not exactly. A McGuffin, according to Wikipedia is "a plot elememt that catches the viewers' attention or drives the plot of a work of fiction." Now, one or two McGffins is fine in any movie, but when you introduce a new character ever 20 minutes and leave them in the dust after one scene, that's just pure lazy writing. For example, there's a character in the begining of the film named Fred J. Dukes aka Blob in the movie. He's scen in a slim form at the beginning, completely drops of the face of the earth, and then appears just in one scene towards the end, after which he's never seen again. This is not just the case for Blob, this is the case for most of the characters, including John Wraith and Wade Wilson (aka DEADPOOL).

Reason #3: The Air Screaming: Listen, Fox, we all know Wolverine is angsty in the movie, with his girlfriend being killed and all, but honestly looking up to the sky and screaming, come on. That's the equivalent of Captain Kirk screaming "Khan!!!" every time he got mad... actually, that kinda cool. Well, that's all the time I have for now, now if you'll excuse me, I have to right another enty about how it's a scientific impossibilty that vampires can sparkle, and how it's a scientific impossibilty that vampires can exist.

Talk to ya'll later,

P.S: After watching this video, I have a message for Warner Bro. Thank you so, so much for rescuing Watchmen.

Special Thanks To: My friend Rusty for information and Youtube User FuryOfTheFilm fan enlightening me on what McGuffins are.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sherlock Holmes Review

Sherlock Holmes is a character I think that the majority of the world knows, but what that the majority of the world doesn't know enough about, True, we have phrases such as "Elementary, my dear Watson." and my personal favorite "No shit Sherlock.", and the cliched image of a man calmly smoking his pipe and solving mysteries, but we've never had a kick-ass antimidating Holmes, until know.

I saw this movie Sunday, that is January 17, 2010 wit hmy friend Rusty at the Ultra Star Cinema 10 in Lake Havasu City, Arizona and I have finally experienced Holmes. Gone is the leisurely image of Holmes with his slow down sense of sleuthing, which is replace with incredibly funny, and intelligent dialouge, awsome action set peices and the best sequel set-up EVER!!!!

The film, starring Robert Downey, Jr. as the titular character and Jude Law as Watson give probably the best performance of these two characters I've ever seen. That, plus an excellent supporting cast and an incredibly well-writen script make this not only a great Sherlock Holmes adaptation, but also a highly enjoyable film.

Rating: 9/10

My Intro Blog

Hey viewers, watchers, readers, and weepers and welcome to my first blog post. Now, I;m sure there are some of you out there who are thinking "Who is this guy and why should read his blogs?" Those are two very good questions, and the answer is because if you love movies and peoples view on movies, then I will give you your fix, because on this blog, Iw ill be reviewing movies, as well as give you updates on the films I'm working on.

So, if you're a movie lover, not only should you read my posts, but also check out my horror exclusive Youtube Channel HorrorHound11 ( for horror movie reviews, vlogs, and updates, as well as reviews here.